Behavior art and spiritual healing

Renowned curator, art research scholar Cai Qing, has moved to Germany and USA, over the years have been engaged in art, behavior art curatorial research, implementation, in the "composite identity, multiple locations, global walk, wandering platform" features, but also reflect the multi-directional themes and referred to. As an independent artist and curator ofidentity in later years, after 2007, Cai Qing returned to his alma mater, The China Academy of Art doctoral, and stayed for teaching. "That is Cai Qing doctoral dissertation expansion into the behavior art and spiritual healing" this book.
This book only 20 more than word, length of more than 200 pages, but clearly the following important questions: what is art? Behavior art has undergone changes in the development of what? Chinese behavior art development pattern is how? Why to say performance art throughits interactive, can bring healing and other positive role? How to play this role?
Performance art is often considered as a visual art form, there is also defined as "performance art", "concept art". Cai Qing to the behavior art gives the definition is, "the artistpersonally join, actions or events carefully planned and launched, and by communicating with people, step by step, development, process of forming results". The so-called "personal"participation of artists, including physical participation, or spiritual, mental body participation.
Behavior art idea is very strong, direct expression of ideas and action of the artist, this and traditional art take a circuitous expression approach are not the same; and the performance space also has unlimited potential, out of the artist's studio, workshops, to the life and the social life environment for resources, status or change the political, economic, and culturalareas of concern, the society, through a scene to bring out the artist wants to attract socialcapacity of public attention.
Cai Qing further pointed out that in the history of the development of a brief review ofnarrative behavior art, behavior art technique of expression, the most effective is its interactive function of interaction is an important characteristic of behavior art breaks the traditional art, superior sealing ability, can let the audience be through interactive recreation,constitutes a part of the main thrust of the work. In this way, behavior art did not opencommunication people shared memory threshold, formed a expectation to the futurefoundation, mobilize the people (artists, audience and others) common to pamper, shame,embarrassment, and even ordinary moved, remorse of conscience. In addition, the interactive function of performance art, on television, the Internet age, will also improve the original has been interpersonal strange, reflection, promoting adult often regain their traditional values are ignored and forgotten, and thus can play the role of spiritual healing, the heart is a comfort.
"Behavior art and spiritual healing" a book on half part introduces various forms of art and interactive behavior. First is the physical interaction, early, mid behavior art often "closedinteraction" (experimental), by limiting the artist's own physical activities to facilitateobservation, reflection; "interaction" and "other" or object, then deliberately through the relationship between the introduction of man with others or things, and let events being promoted or push, push the audience formed interaction; "replacement" peep and the role of the maximum range, mobilize the interaction between artist and audience, to create the audience feel become the main protagonist, space and atmosphere; "collective mobilizationand participation", this kind of form in recent years in the mainland of China appears more and more frequently, more and more breakthrough hot social issues, relationship with the city.
Look at the interaction of the spirit. Body interaction is usually easy to achieve mutual understanding, and interactive spirit will result in misunderstandings, namely the audiencemisreading the artist's desire. On the other hand, in the act of artistic creation, the artist is critical to grasp the proper use of emotion, emotional appeal can better move the audience,emotional communication, to achieve effective and extensive interaction. Highly developedspiritual interaction, will lead to very realistic critical behavior art. In recent years, the development of electronic technology, is the opposite of mobile Internet, the interactive effect of performance art play a more obvious, artists space greatly expanded the ability to play the.
Why, it seems in many people, this has appeared to discard the classics and rebel against orthodoxy, detest the world and its ways of performance art, but also can play a cure function,let into confusion and suffering of the people to complete the mental healing? Performance artis dynamic, and is the scene, because it has more direct and more sensitive to touch and expressive, infectious, not by the media restrictions, are free to use and adjust to changing circumstances.
Behavior art for some of the participants may play a role in treatment, by the artist to guide and inspire, to join the process of behavior, so as to arouse people's input and feedback from.The book specially mentioned author Cai Qing to help his crazy uncle of behaviorism practice examples. Cai Qing's uncle is participated in the Korean War, army medic, wounded on the battlefield, then stay in the age of revolution, lived a out of the ordinary life. In the uncle'shome, filled with revolutionary works, he will use his entire pension policy advocacy of "career". In short, Cai Qing's uncle has reached a state of ecstasy. Cai Qing made a "Di" in search of my plan, accompanied by Di first to Beijing and many cultural circles friends, visitingplaces of historic interest and scenic beauty, the last group



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