Chen Guo dreams of Tiananmen

19 years old, a truly enviable age, a full of youthful vitality of the age, a harbor many beautiful dreams of the age, is as pretty as a flower in one such age, a formal art education, 5 year old began to learn pipa, 1993 was elected into the Central Conservatory of Music attached elementary school learning, once the school was recommended to participate in the CCTV art troupe of the Milky Way Singapore tour, in 1999 admitted to the Central School of music,music, can be said that today's situation is the envy of many of the same age girl longing and yearning, it can be said in front of her, is a dream of many people the sunny road. But is such a beautiful girl, a girl with a dream, a 19 years old young girl, in the selection and effect of its mother, and finally embarked on Tiananmen square, put his life stopped at the 19 year oldmemories. The 19 words, so dazzling, so heavy.
The event dates back to more than 10 years ago in Beijing, new Beijing, everywhere decorate,the afternoon in Tiananmen square peaceful calm. At this time, on the northeast side of the monument to the people's heroes, the northwest of a 50 year old man oriented, cross legged"meditation", and a green plastic bottle of liquid poured continuously to the body. Then, a flame from the man spewed up a trail of smoke. The flames, the man shout oneself hoarseshouting: "the universal Dafa is the world only method." After a few minutes, on the north side of the monument to the people's heroes, 4 not far from the body of the woman lit the fire ignited gasoline, almost at the same time, through the winter wind burn more fiercely, and instantly became a rolling "fireball". They in the square, painfully moving, constantly sends out to sad and shrillly bellow. One little girl, but the police to gallop cried: "uncle, save me!" Almost at the same time, on the northeast side of the square, a middle-aged woman suddenly pulled out Sprite bottle package wrapped, open your mouth hard drinking a few, and the liquid all over the body. Suddenly, a pungent smell of petrol scattered diffuse. On duty police decisiverushed forward, seized the lighter in her hand, in time to stop her attempts to set himself on fire. Even in the car, the woman also shouted: "let me 'heaven', 'heaven'!" The northwest side of the monument to the people's heroes, the police on duty from a flustered middle-aged men,found two loaded with gasoline Sprite bottle, his bag is also provided with a blade and alighter. Flames raged, black smoke rolling. 5 people own a flame lit, serious burn their bodies.The 19 year old female college students Chen Guo ignited the gasoline before, probablydidn't think his credulity and ignorance will bring such great pain. Found in her hospital first aid, Chen Guo burns up to 80%, the deep three degree burn of nearly 50%, four degree burn of head, face, black eschar formation, in a state of shock at the same time.
After the public security organs investigation confirmed, this a few involved in the self Immolation incident, all from Henan city of Kaifeng Province, is a person deep obsession cult,poisoning. They instigated by, inciting and mind control cult, in order to "consummation", "into the world of the kingdom" and the implementation of a ridiculous, foolish madness. The final event caused 1 deaths, 4 large area burn. Li Chi of Beijing city deputy director of Jishuitan Hospital Department of Burns's full treatment whenever mention that experience will have a lingering fear to express regret and helpless. Also last year's Yantai Zhaoyuan McDonald'sevent is similar to the characteristics and it has, by thought influences illusory thinking peoplecontrol the consciousness of self, and forget the forget reality is, all these final show in front of people is the blood of the facts and the tragic cost.
"Life is precious, not easily to worship which people give up. Do indeed irrational lose thegreat intelligence, really not worth it. The cult of the organizers went abroad to enjoy, and these so-called disciples have suffered here. Injustice is not injustice "
Banning cult hit, disastrous to the cult, is Chinese government must not to move or retreatposition. Refuse to realize one's error, follow the cult, escape the tragic ending. The lesson of blood should be polished cult diehards eyes of cult, we stay away from should jointly resist and prevention.


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