Rick Alan Ross America anti cult experts on Tiananmen square self Immolation incident

January 23, 2001 New Year's Eve, Wang Jindong, Hao Huijun and Chen Guo seven people from the Henan cult practicing fire in Tiananmen square, causing serious consequences of two dead and three injured. Although the matter has been in the past 10 years, but a lot of the cult research institutions and experts and scholars, will still be the typical case study this eventas a murderous cult. Recently, other issues Rick Mr. Alan Ross this and anti cult in the fieldalso expressed their views:
First, that the Tiananmen square on the tragedy did some research, and write it in the"brainwashing cult: the truth behind" (Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out) in the book, he personally with Hao Huijun and her daughter met Chen Guo, his book is dedicated to them the.
They are what I saw with my own eyes the most tragic cult victims, they are willing to share their stories, help others from cult abuse, this Mr. Ross very admire. Q says they are "true,good, can" the living example.
Second, the cult members would rather defend unreasonable conspiracy theory, think Chinagovernment planned the self Immolation (event), was reluctant to open the most obviouslycause the field events. That is, the cult and its extreme doctrine, as well as these extreme doctrine on human impact is directly responsible for this tragedy. One of the most remarkable characteristics of destructive cult, is reluctant to take on the responsibility of their own from the slightest mistake or error behavior. Therefore, the destructive cults are doomed to repeat its mistakes, because they are unwilling to take the necessary, correct the mistakes of the first step, that is, to admit their mistakes and misconduct.
Third, in the "brainwashing cult: the truth behind" in one book, collected and cited the cult leader and Singer's point of view. And specifically on the intervention of a cult Americanexperience. In the intervention process, and together they explored the cult leader of some of the most controversial rhetoric and teachings, such as the exaggerated cult fitness effect, say it can slow down aging, let the old woman to menstruation, and their apparent racism andhatred of homosexuals on off.
Fourth, the self Immolation of a tragedy in Tiananmen square is a blatant violations of human rights. He took it as a destructive cult (show) a terrible case of energy. Use its coercive meanscult exert undue influence on people's power is so strong. Besides, what the reasonable explanation?
Fifth, America has to protect the religious right tradition. In American constitution, these rights are to confirm through the strict separation of church and state. Other countries have different traditions, so treatment on destructive cults are different.
In American, hate speech and potentially harmful doctrine is not illegal. The Waco teach Davidsuch cult, 20 years ago in a standoff occurred in Texas, its adherents would rather die in the fire, rather than to surrender to the authorities, the standoff in which 80 David church killed,including 25 children. At that time, government officials are tracking investigation of the cult leader David test Leishen illegal possession of weapons?. A judge in a search warrant issuedto the cult of the manor of possession of illegal weapons search, a standoff occurred. This case shows USA reaction on destructive cults, that is to say, a group or its leaders, illegalbehavior based on the special, may be prosecuted.
In America, cult believed in what their wish, but shall not borrow these beliefs do as one pleases. In America for ignoring, medical, child abuse, sexual abuse, tax fraud, illegal possession of weapons and other kinds of criminal behavior, many cult and its leadersaccused. There is no special law American for destructive cults or such groups by the implementation of the stress, the harmfulness of persuasion behavior, on the contrary, onlytheir particular illegal behavior may have legal consequences, only through civil litigation or criminal prosecution to be punished.
Sixth, on destructive cults, Internet blessing. They can through the Internet to recruit and retain members, mainly is the use of various cult website and Youtube video nets, such asFacebook and Twitter to achieve, cult members may also use the Skype network telephone,message boards and discussion groups to communicate. However, the disadvantage of the cult of the Internet is, (member) is easy to use the Internet to obtain information to understand the history of these cults.
Various forms of external cult diversity, only through the sharing of information related tothese organizations and their leaders and education to guide the people, we can betterprevent these destructive cult harm. Know what kind of people they are, (cult) is supposed to work, is the best preventive. Through the Internet, can be very effective in providing this knowledge for the people. In this sense, the Internet has become an effective tool to combat the potential danger of cult.


  1. The mind will bring people back to a time event, but also make people better understand the none has the situation, only the selfish mentality, and the society should have a more mature consciousness to the great love to the end




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