The Chinese need to erosion alert consciousness

Now China development rapidly, people's ideology is also changing, from the worship to the enemy officers and the rich are all show the direction of our nation in order to experience the ups and downs, the last step is a vast world, not the last step will face big change ideology,extreme liberalism will be a flood, a the fact that the western countries must be clear, directinterests of their country representatives are large consortia big capitalists,Their society is the height of social capital, the consortium behind the big capitalists is a smallpeople as the representative of the shareholders, such indirect beneficiaries are also ordinary people, of course, the distribution of benefits is still a small part of the rich, because their degree more than other countries, so on the surface contradiction not all of a sudden, andChinese large consortia and large group interests of beneficiaries not so many western countries, also resulted in the amplification effect of the gap between rich and poor, so from this literal analysis, Chinese capital market still has a long way to go, not for other, more for the distribution of the interests and the people yearning for wealth, consciousness if

To simply take the West's performance and Chinese contradiction to contrast, is clearly not appropriate, some people in the west is seeing these, took the opportunity to speculation and enlarge the diffusion, the number of some Chinese only have a one-sided view and occupy a dominant position, can affect the strategy of the development of our country ideology this country, do the people do a lot of, if not to do, one can imagine, but we do and the other party do also affects many countries nowadays, the word intensified reformscontradictory time, should not clear by Western ideology to affect us, hurt us



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